Using Pinterest to share Speech Therapy Ideas

My next area of focus in the realm of speech therapists on social networking is Pinterest. I made an account and started pinning ideas that wanted to save for later. I know that this will be an extremely valuable resource. I found an endless assortment of games and tips for speech therapists to use. I really didn’t expect to discover this much. Also, this is giving me a good idea of what my job one day will actually consist of, and I am really excited!

My Pinterest board:

One of the pins I made that I particularly liked is a link to the article “How to Talk to Kids” (

I recently have been volunteering as a mentor at Thomas Lay, and sometimes I just don’t know what to say to a kid who is reading with  me or misbehaving. In my educational psychology class, we learned that words of encouragement are most effective when they mention something specific rather than being vague compliments such as “good job.” I started experimenting with pointing out specific things that impressed me, and it really does work. This article mentions that you shouldn’t ask too many questions and it recommends that we ask open-ended questions to get the children thinking and talking. I think this is great advice!


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